New Setup for 2013

We had a really long winter up here in Germany but Kiteboarding starts to make fun again.
For 2013 I decided to go big with boots. Check this lovely Setup.

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2013 begins with a new Sponsor

I’m really happy to announce my new Sponsor Friedbert Clothing.
They are offering me great quality shirts and hoodies.


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Brazil 2012

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Brasil 2012

Finally arrived in Brasil on the 21st Sep for trainig and filming. The trip will last until the 24.10.
The first 5 days weren’t too good for me, because I hit the board with my had and had a pretty deep cut, that got stitched at the Kitestation right after the accident.
On the 6th day of my trip I was back on the water and Training here in Brazil with the crew is really good and pushes my tricks. Hopefully we’ll get good footage soon.

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Trophy 2012

The last tourstop of the German championchips is over!
I could win my first heat but met Mario Rodwald afterwards, who kicked me out of the competition.
At the end of 3 calm days I landed on the 9th place.
Sadly I couldn’t compete at the second tourstop at my homespot holnis due to a bad tonsillitis.
At the and I got the 18th place overall.
So I am looking back at a season that didn’t work too good for me but I’m super motivated for 2013.
Hopefully training in Brazil this winter and in Tarifa during the easter holidays 2013 will bring me further up in the ranking 2013.

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PKRA St. Peter Ording

Had a great time at the PKRA Tourstop in St. Peter Ording!
Sadly I didn’t make it into the Mainevent through my 40knts heat
but hanging out with my friends and the guys from Wainman Hawaii was rally cool though.

Now I’m looking forward to the Next event the Kitesurf Trophy tourstop on Fehmarn next week!

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Training in Tarifa

Hey there,
it’s a late update about my Training in Tarifa.

I went there 8 days to train for the upcoming competitions in Germany.
Because of too strong winds my training trip turned into an everyday Kiteloop session.
But sadly I hurt my foot so that training after this trip was almost impossible.

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Rabbit 2.0

The awarded Rabbit 2.0 Kites will come to Flensburg soon.
I ordered my new stuff.
Watch out for the Rabbit Gang 2.0 at your spot!

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My flight to Tarifa is booked!
I’m looking forward to my training in the very south of Spain.
It’s going to be awesome and I’ll post the pictures and the video material.

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Winter has come to Germany but It’s not going to be as cold as last year.
Watch this picture taken last Year in January.Kiting wasn’t possible.
So I’m lucky to have a mild winter this year.

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